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Some Pics from Deqin

and more on Shanghai

We are watching the Opening Ceremonies right now. I feel all choked up because i clearly remember 4 years ago when they passed the olympic flag to china that i swore i would go to the olympics there, and here I am!! Everyone in the hostel is watching it right now, its pretty fun. Anyways, here are a few pics from Deqin. It was very cold, but pretty awesome there, the most remote place i think i have ever been!!

He is the fantastic four on the way to Deqin!

Mountains in Deqin

Lihao and some crazy tourists at the top

Our crazy cool hostel

I will try to put up some more pics from Lijiang and Kunming, but i think im running out of space. We will see, i might be posting pics from another site, i will let you guys know. Anyways... Tomorrow we are going to get full body massages (oh my god yes) and then we are going to some water park that has the biggest wave pool in the world. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow. All the best!!!!

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What Happend in Shangra-la


Sorry about the vague last post, but I was really tired and Lihao and I were about to leave. So what happened. We were staying at a Hostel in Deqin, an awesome little tibetian village, but we had to take a 6 hour bus ride on a narrow windy road to get back to civilization. Well we wake up early and trudge to the little bus station where we find out that Lihao couldn't find our tickets. This was a bit problematic cuz one, since we bought the four tickets we couldnt buy more on the bus since it was now full, and 2, we needed to be in shangra-la by a certain time to make our flight to Kunming. SO we just snuck on the bus and when they came to collect our tickets we laughed and punched them. No, we just explained the situation and they believed us since the bus was full with us on it. So we drive back to shangra-la and have plenty of time to waste so we go to a 16th century Daoist monestary complete with giant buddah things. We hang around for a while then head to the airport. When we get there we discover that it is closed. It seemed like a tiny airport, but it worried us that it was closed and our flight was in 1 hour. We find someone and show them our ticket and they tell lihao that the travel agency booked our flight from the wrong city (The city was re-named Shangra=la, like the place in the novel, but supposedly a couple of cities go by that name so our travel agent was confused when she booked the flight…) We call the agency and they clear things up for us and switch our tickets but now we fly out at 9 instead of 7. Well that's fine and dandy, but because of a bad storm in Kunming our flight was delayed 3 hours. We get into Kunming at 1am, and lihao gets in a fight with a taxi driver cuz he was going to scam us. By the time we get to the hostel, we find they gave our room away since it was so late, so we were split up and put into different dorms. The next day Lihao did some more yelling at the staff when they tried to give our room away again, and we got our cool 4 bed room for cheap!! After that we kinda chilled out after our ordeal. Alex and hillary chilled at the hostel and Lihao and I went to explore some park and the Kunming University. The next day we sadly parted ways with Liaho, he headed back to Beijing to be with his family for a few days and we headed to Shanghai. We have been in Shanghai for 2 days now and its really cool, a big modern city but still very chinese. I will post pics and stuff in my next blog in 5 mins so watch out!!

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Shanghai tomorrow


so we made it to kunming last night but just bearly. Crazy stuff happened that i will go into later, but we couldnt go to the stone forrest like we wanted to but we still had fun. Not a lot of time to post pics now but i will for sure in a few days. Later!!!


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in the mountains

with the goats


IM somewhat alive up here in the Southwest Mountains. The last 3 days have been crazy. We left Lijiang and took a van to the begining of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is this crazy 2-3 day hike to the summits that over look the gorge. We set off, but i wasnt feeling too good. The hike was super steep and hard that about 2 hours in i caved and paid a local Na'xi man 80 RMB for a ride to the top on his donkey. From then on out the hike was awesome!! Was very scary cuz the path was rocky and narrow and there was a sheer cliff the whole time. But i didnt care and rode that donley with ease ;). After we got to the top the path was mostly flat so i walked again. It was so beautiful and sureal, i was in awe. Here are some pics of the place i DIDNT take:

I will have pics to back this up soon. After hiking for 9 hours with our backpacks and rain coming down, we finally made it to the halfway house Inn. We got some awesome rooms and took it easy for the rest of the night. We finished the hiike the next day no problem. We took a car back to the start of the hike and it was the scariest car ride ever. A 2000ft drop on one side with narrow rodes and no wall, i was ready to bail oput pof the car if we fell.

Made it back to town and took another van to the town of Shangra-la. The elevation is super high up here and the weather getting colder. Lihao and i washed our clothes in buckets at the guest house and hung them todry. It was the most rugged hostel yet, but it was fun and we got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean inthe lounge.

This morning we took a 7 hour van ride to this remote Tibetan town high in the mountains. Its the last stop before actually getting to tibet, so since we couldnt go we thought this would be the next best thing. It is very rural but i like it!. There are goats and chickens at the hostel. One chicken is even sleeping right outside our room right now. I hopefully can post pics soon but i dont know about this computer. I was shocked they have internet here since they use solar pannels for electricity. I hope everyone is doing well. Mom, i cant ready your email on this computer for some reason i will try to respond to it soon though. We will be back in Kunming again on the 5th so i will be in better contact then. Til then!!

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In Lijiang

an old old city

We are here on our second day in the town of Lijiang. Its a pretty old place, most of the town is over 3-4 centuries old. It has been very relaxing. We got to sleep in today after 2 mornings in a row of getting up before 5am. We have just walked around town looking at the little shops, taking pictures and eating yummy food. We actually ate pizza today and i got to have some coffee!!! The hostel we are staying in is pretty cool. Today we had a traditional Na'xi dinner cooked for us by the people who work here. The Na'xi are the people who populate this area, they are an ethnic minority, and have a cool culture. It has been a fun relaxing time here.

Here are a very few pics from Kunming. I over spent my pic limit for this month so i will be up loading much more pics in the future. We are going on a crazy hike then staying in a mostly tibetian village for the next 3-4 days so there might be no posts until after then. So enjoy these pics for now. Zia jian!

The view from our hostel in Kunming!

Our slightly disgusting lunch of bone soup

local woman

the city of Kunming

crazy steps up to the golden temple

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