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got 'em

So I broke down and did it today. I got Olympic volleyball tickets!! It did cost a bunch (over 155$) but its well worth it. I now know i can see an event, a volleyball one at that!! Its really happening!!! Crazy. Hillary and I are going to go see Men's volleyball, Serbia vs Germany. Then after that we see Italy vs Bulgaria. 4 fun filled hours of sweaty men jumping around, im excited to see the Italians play! Here's the gym we are going to be at!

Keep an eye out for us on TV!!!!

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Here I am at the great wall of china!!!!

....Not really, but i was bored and i wanted something to compare the real picture to.

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...and waiting....

So i still have a stuffy nose and cough. I dont know whats up, but it BETTER be gone by the 22nd. I cant believe its only a week away before we leave, still not feeling as overwhelmed as i should. Some one pinch me!!

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MMMMmmm SHots

all seasons in one day

So, back here in Lake Arrowhead. Was pretty sad leaving Santa Cruz yesterday, but hopefully i can keep my mind on the up coming trip. I finally got a call back from the traveling office from Kaiser, and now im going to be getting my shots tomorrow. Shots for Typhoid and some other shot are on the agenda, im also going to go see someone for this ever lasting cold. I REEEEEALLY dont want to be hacking away in China.

Cant believe we are leaving in 12 days, soooooo much to do but im ready to keep busy!

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Getting Excited?....


snow -30 °C

So i saw Stephanie's travel blog and it got me excited for the China trip. I keep trying to think about it but i cant wrap my mind around the fact that im going! Well, we still have to get our visas in our hands before im totally willing to give into the excitement.

I thought i might as well start a travel blog too, but i have NO idea what it will be like to get on the internet over there. LOL, so all of my blogs might just be from the states!!

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