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Nihao Kunming!

We took a flight out of Beijing today and flew down south to Kunming. We were VERY pleased when we stepped off the plane to be greeted by nice, clean, cool air. It was only 64 degrees!!! SO much better than the smoggy heat from beijing. We were then so very happy to lern our hostel is in the heart of the city. Its a crazy hostel, very awesome and we have our own private room and bathroom. We ventured out into the city and had a strange meal of Bone Soup ( they place beef bones in the broth with other things, you knaw off the cartilage and meat off the tips of the bones and then suck out the marrow, kinda yuck). We then took a cheap bus to the Golden Temple out of town. After a a steep flight of stairs we were greeted by awesome temples and stautres dating back from the 16th century. It is still an active Daoism temple so there were monks milling around and people praying to statues. We walked around and took lots of pics and ate ice cream (they sell it everywhere!!). We then bought tickets to take a rollercoster type sled back down to the bottom of the mountain, so much fun. Like The Matterhorn at Disneyland but you control the speed.

Tomorrow we head off to the town of Lijian, a very old city with lots of mountain scenery. Sadly, i cant upload the pics from today (too slow here), but i do have some pics from earlier!!!;

Subways are actually really nice in Beijing. Very easy to get around in and airconditioned!!

Us at the entrance of the HUGE Forbbiden City. The sun was too bright for Alex

One of the many lions that gaurds the Forbbiden City

One of our many chinese dinners. The fish in the top left corner is served fried but with the whole body, his face looks at you while you eat him!!!

until next time...

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Internet cafe


We are now in some rickety old internet cafe. Took us a good 20 mins to try to log onto the computer. Lihao was across the street so we had to run around saying "english, english" to anyone who would look at us. We sadly couldnt upload our pics from yesterday but i did just take this one:

Still cloudy and smoggy today, we are trying to figure ut a cheap way to go to the other places in China, gonna go search some travel agencies soon. I keep forgetting to write down strange stuff about here, so i have been keeping a list in my book. Here are some things:

-There are no shower areas in bathrooms here, its just a shower head with a curtain around it and the drain is in the middle of the batroom floor, like a camper batheroom.
-The money here is sooooooooooo cool. Its colorful,and the coolest thing is the size of the bill gets smaller as the value gets lower. So 100 RMB bills are huge, while the 5 RMB bills are much smaller.
-Babies wear outfits that are bottomless i guess for potty training, they wear no daipers. SO you walk around town and just see baby butts hanging out!
-IN everyone's home you take off your shoes when you arrive, and then they offer you house slippers. I guess every home has a bunch because every house we have gone into they have had slippers for every one of us. Its so fun!

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A Day of Awesome

a hot one at that...


Today we went out on our own, without Lihao!!! Kinda crazy but actually easy enough. The subway systems is very easy to understand so we made it to our destination of the Forbbiden City easy enough. I dont have the energy to write about all that we did (see hillary's blog) but lets just say it was the most overwhelming place i have ever been. We were there for over 5 hours and we have to go back because we still didnt see everything. I got to practice more chinese (had to say bu yao a lot to the venders) I will try to post some awesome pics later, but the pics dont do the place justice.

Even though it is hard with the language gap, i am kinda enjoying it. Its amazing to be on the other side of the spectrum and see how the rest of the world works. Im enjoying the randomness and the different culture. And i know it sounds cliche but the food is AWESOME. The only food i havent liked is the fermented carrots, but everything else has been good, from street food to nice resturants. ANd its cheap cheap CHEAP. Lets just say we can get a full meal with a tasty drink for 2 US dollars. Beer and ice cream is about .50 cents. So all of this makes the trip that much better. I will try to wriet again soon with some pics!! cHEERS!!

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Here I am!

in Beijing


Hello all! Im alive and well in Beijing! Quite a long journey to get here but well worth it (about 24 hours). Well our flight out of LA was great. We got on a bus and it took us to a terminal waaaay out in the middle of the airfield and we left from there They fed us dinner around 1am, then we all took benadril and slept for over 11 HOURS! Wasnt the best or most comfortable sleep but it made the time go by. Then we woke up for breakfast and only really were awake for two more hours and we laneded in china so it didnt feel like a long flight at all. We landed in Guanhgzou and had a 6 hours lay over but it took us about 2 hours to go through customs. I didnt realize i needed to pick up my checked in bad so i had to go back for it and go through customs AGAIN! Then we had our first real chinese meal. Got on a plane to Beijing and landed 3 hours later. We were kinda freak out at first cuz we realized that we told lihao the wrong time to pick us up but he came after about 30 mins.

We took a taxi to the house and got to see a lot of Beijing. It's really smoggy here but Lihao says most days are better. We get a house to ourselves cuz we are staying in Lihao's Mom's second home. Its nice and big and has AIRCONDITIONING!!! We are close to little shops and resturants which is nice. Had a huge meal last night. We had dumplings, tofu, chicken, weird pickled salad and even mashed potatos!! We drank lots of piju (beer) whiched helped us get to sleep :). So we are here, i think we are almost on china time (I'm still a little tired). Its fun to be in a place so different. Everyone stares at us, and we completely depend on lihao but we are going to try to pick up some more chinese. We only get internet at Liaho's mom's other house so i cant write too much, but i will try. Until next time my friends!! Miss you all!!


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Here we gooooooooo....

So today is the day. We take off at 11:30pm, and there's no looking back. Hope to write soon! Wish us luck!!

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