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Back Home!!

Made it back to the good ole US of A. A very long journey, seemed like it took twice as long as going over there. Its so strange to be back. All the signs are readable and everyone speaks english without an accent!! I feel like im going to be very bored soon, but hopefully fun will fall my way. As i was watching the olympics with my mom and dad it hit me that all of that was taking place back where i was 2 days ago and im far far away from it all. It made me really sad. Though i can tell everyone about my adventure i cannot really explain how that place made me feel, or how much i am going to miss it. I was able to upload some more random pictures for you all. I ran out of space to put up my great wall pic so i can compare it to the photoshopped one, so i guess i will have to make my last entry on September first. enjoy:

My fun mule ride up to the top of the Tiger Leaping Gorge

The fab four at Tiger Leaping Gorge

A sideways pic of me at the Daoist Temple

Softball Game!

USA, JIAYOU!!!!!!!

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the end



So its our last night here. Im pretty much finished packing and im going to go to bed soon. I cant believe this is the end. We done and seen so much its hard to believe im going back to real life now. We spent the last day here at this crazy amusment park called Happy Valley. I kind of reminded me of Universal Studios meets Six Flags. We went on the craziest roller coaster ever, where you are lying face down as it goes along. Super cool. I also got to do archery, totally going to pick that up as a sport. Later on we went to the Summer Palace which was pretty cool. we got there kinda late so we didnt get to go into the cooler sites, but we got to ride the dragon boat and take sweet pics. I got all my goodies ive bought on this trip somehow into my suitcase. hopefully none of them will break.

I really like it here, way mor ethan i thought i would. I actually was really nervous before coming here, not knowing what i was getting myself into. Now i know i love it and am coming back for sure. Hopefully i can get people to tag along with me :) Im going to go to bed now, super tired. Next time i write i will be at home, reflecting on this crazy time. Cant wait to see you all. Wang shang hao!

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or... however you spell it

Its been a busy week, filled with Olympics, shopping, and bugs! Thats right, i ate bugs!!!! (technically only one bug since the scorpion is part of the lobster family.) OK, olympics or bug part first?... Lets go with Olympics!!!

Lihao and i got to go see the womens US basketball team play againts Spain. It was pretty cool, finally we got to wave our own flag and cheer in english for our own team!!! Its funny that it takes me going across the world to finally feel patriotic. I know it sounds cheezy but i have been feeling proud to be an american here, and the olympics bring it out even more! Some time in the begining of the game the US mens basketball team showed up to cheer on the girls and everyone went crazy and was screaming "Kobe! Kobe!" It was kinda cool to see him, lol, cant spot him in claifornia but sure enough in china!! Here's a pic of Lisa Leslie from the game we saw:

It was a bittersweet night since we had to say good bye to Lihao after the game. He left today to go back home to New York, he has to do interviews for his law school. I already miss him a lot but he has promised to come back to china with me in the future, plus i will probably see him and frank soon in NYC. Today Hillary and i put on our new olympic shirts, slapped on some Germany stickers on our face, and headed to Capital Gymnasium to see mens volleyball. When we got there we were kinda bummed to see our seats were waaaaaay up at the top and near the tv camera booth so we couldnt see the whole court, but we tried to make the best of it. About 20 mins into the first game an employee comes up to us and asks if we cannot enjoy the game because of our seat location and we told him yes, we couldn't see. He fills out some forms and says our new seats are on the other side of the gym, so we get our stuff and head over there.. to find that our new seats are practically courtside, we are eye level and right next to the court!!! The most amazing seats ever!! We watched 4 great teamsplay, they were pretty equal the whole time which made the games so exciting. Germany lost to serbia and then Italy beat bulgaria. The Italian fans were these older people but they were so spirited. We all shouted "It-Ta-Ly Jiayou!!" with them. (Jiayou is the chinese chant for the olympics. It means re-fuel so you scream your country's name before jiayou, or you can just scream jiayou). It was my dream olympic experiance!!

Now for the good stuff, THE BUGS!! Sadly i cannot upload anymore pics this trip so you will all have to visit me to see the slide show, but anyways... A couple nights ago we go to this one street that is famous for selling gross food. Its a street lined with food carts and they sell everything from, fruit, chicken to penis and bugs on a stick. Everyone is walking around, watching as others eat the gross stuff. SO i was the brave one of our group and sought out the bugs to eat first. Then i saw them, a row of centipedes on sticks. I gave the guy my 30 yuan and he deep fried the centipede for me. Then everyone positioned themselves around me with their cameras and i bit the suckers head off. I ate the rest no problem, he was deep fried so he taste like nothing. Alex and Lihao couldnt let me have one up on them so they looked for the next bug cart and found silkworms. Too bad for them because apparently they are really gross, exploding in your mouth when you bite down. I then found a cart selling scorpions, 3 on a stick, so me alex and Lihao could each eat one. I bite the whole thing off and was surprised by how good it tasted, like a chicken nugget. Everyone was shocked that i was so "Whatever" aout it, but i had a mission to eat bugs and i did!! The pics are fun and you all should see them.

Well, only 2 more days here. Not much more we are going to do but i think i will blog one more time. Hope to see you all soon!!

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Back in Town



We have come back to Beijing. Its nice to be back in the appartment, having our own rooms again, like coming home. After the pretty sweet sleeper train from Shanghai to Beijing, we met back up with Lihao at his mom's. We missed him so much and were VERY happy to see him again. I went with him to the dentist which was pretty interesting and i had a good long talk with his mom. Later that day we went over to the Olympic village. Very sweet to see the Bird's Nest Stadium, The Water Bubble (swimming Pool) and the Olympic Torch!!! I was very much in the olympic spirit. I bought an olympic flag as well as an american flag and was waving them along with all the other people milling around with their own country flags. Its weird to see so many white people here now, i feel like i stare at them as a Chinese person would. Later that night we wandered around and eventually saw the movie Hancock, but it was dubbed in chinese so we had no idea what was happening hahaha. It was still pretty fun though.

Yesterday we finally went to see the Great Wall. SOOOOOO awesome, i was really excited. Mr. Sur (Lihao's step-dad) was nice enough to drive us there since they own a house near by where he chilled at. There were a ton of people there obviously,but it wasnt so bad. Hillary and I took a cable car to the top while the boys walked. We then proceeded to walk the entire length of the permited wall (most of the wall is not open to the public since it's falling apart). We went to all 20 watch towers, the farther we got away from the middle the better there were less tourists since they were so lazy. It was an amazing place, and i will hopefully have pics soon to show its awesomeness. Afterwards, we went back to the country house with Mr. Sur and he made us a very tasty dinner ( my new favorite food other than dumplings is tomato and egg dish), and we also played ping pong in the basement.

Today, like Hillary said, we finally got to go to Olympic events. We met this guy Dan on the internet who was selling tickets. He's an american that works for some crazy banking company or something in Beijing that gave their employees a bunch of olympic tickets. He cant go to most of them because of work so he wanted to sell them so we snatched them up! Hillary and Alex went and saw a bunch of rowing races and Lihao and I saw Japan vs. Taipei softball game. It was a great game and that guy gave us amazing seats. The japan fans were crazy, dressed up funny and doing awesome chants. There were also these really drunk Canadian people and we helped them, start the wave!! The fans and the energy were totally the best part. Lihao and i tried to show our spirit by wearing US and China flags on our cheeks. It was a close game with japan winning 2 to 1. The game was also super fun since we all guzzled down a ton of chinese beer ;) On the way home tonight, a bunch Hungarian fans came onto the subway all decked out, still chanting. I wish i was part of some big crazy group, maybe the next Olympics we can get one together.

We think we are able to get some more tickets to stuff, Lihao and I got tickets to a women's Basketball game with the US playing on the night of the 15th!!! Lihao might not be able to go but i will for sure!!! I cant connect my hard drive to this computer to upload the photos of the Wall and the game today but hopefully i can try tomorrow. I miss everyone and hope you all are great!! IM going to go back and read all your messages and try to write you back soon. Until then, peace!!

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Vacation from our vacation

in Shanghai

As Hillary said earlier on in our trip, we needed to take a vacation from our vacation, and today was the day. We woke up, ate a quick breakfast, and somewhat unsuccessfully find the massage parlor where we made reservation. Afetr a sweaty walk we made it, we were lead into a dim room, each of us separated by a curtain. We get to put on fun silk pajamas and we get an hour long chinese massage!! OH MY GOD, it felt so good. The lady litterally massaged everything from my back, to my toes, to the top dent on my head. Amazing. Feeling very refreshed we found the nearest restaurant and had a tasty lunch. I believe that pork dumplings pretty much my favorite food right now, i cant get enough of them. Then we were off to the waer park!

After a subway ride and a taxi we arrive to Dino Beach, a prehistoric themed water park. Its pretty fitting since im in the middle of reading Jurassic Park right now, lol. This place was so fun, i think we all felt like kids again. We rented some tubes and hit the wave pool (which wasnt the worlds largest by the way but still pretty cool). Then we tried out the water slides but i think our favorite thing of the day was the lazy river, which actually had a cave attraction you float by and a part of the river that has huge waves from the wave pool, crazy cool.

We stayed there for about 7 hours, hopped back on a taxi, grabbed some McDonalds and came back to the Hostel, a great fun day. Im chilling out now in the lounge, watching the Olympics. Venesula was getting ROCKED by the Chinese volleyball team but i cant be sure since i cant read the score or the words on the TV. I really enjoy hanging out in the common area, so cozy, i wish i had more people to talk to though. Maybe i should stop typing and go mingle :P Next time i write i will be back in Beijing (unless i post some pics tonight) Until then, peace~~!!!

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