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Its been a busy week, filled with Olympics, shopping, and bugs! Thats right, i ate bugs!!!! (technically only one bug since the scorpion is part of the lobster family.) OK, olympics or bug part first?... Lets go with Olympics!!!

Lihao and i got to go see the womens US basketball team play againts Spain. It was pretty cool, finally we got to wave our own flag and cheer in english for our own team!!! Its funny that it takes me going across the world to finally feel patriotic. I know it sounds cheezy but i have been feeling proud to be an american here, and the olympics bring it out even more! Some time in the begining of the game the US mens basketball team showed up to cheer on the girls and everyone went crazy and was screaming "Kobe! Kobe!" It was kinda cool to see him, lol, cant spot him in claifornia but sure enough in china!! Here's a pic of Lisa Leslie from the game we saw:

It was a bittersweet night since we had to say good bye to Lihao after the game. He left today to go back home to New York, he has to do interviews for his law school. I already miss him a lot but he has promised to come back to china with me in the future, plus i will probably see him and frank soon in NYC. Today Hillary and i put on our new olympic shirts, slapped on some Germany stickers on our face, and headed to Capital Gymnasium to see mens volleyball. When we got there we were kinda bummed to see our seats were waaaaaay up at the top and near the tv camera booth so we couldnt see the whole court, but we tried to make the best of it. About 20 mins into the first game an employee comes up to us and asks if we cannot enjoy the game because of our seat location and we told him yes, we couldn't see. He fills out some forms and says our new seats are on the other side of the gym, so we get our stuff and head over there.. to find that our new seats are practically courtside, we are eye level and right next to the court!!! The most amazing seats ever!! We watched 4 great teamsplay, they were pretty equal the whole time which made the games so exciting. Germany lost to serbia and then Italy beat bulgaria. The Italian fans were these older people but they were so spirited. We all shouted "It-Ta-Ly Jiayou!!" with them. (Jiayou is the chinese chant for the olympics. It means re-fuel so you scream your country's name before jiayou, or you can just scream jiayou). It was my dream olympic experiance!!

Now for the good stuff, THE BUGS!! Sadly i cannot upload anymore pics this trip so you will all have to visit me to see the slide show, but anyways... A couple nights ago we go to this one street that is famous for selling gross food. Its a street lined with food carts and they sell everything from, fruit, chicken to penis and bugs on a stick. Everyone is walking around, watching as others eat the gross stuff. SO i was the brave one of our group and sought out the bugs to eat first. Then i saw them, a row of centipedes on sticks. I gave the guy my 30 yuan and he deep fried the centipede for me. Then everyone positioned themselves around me with their cameras and i bit the suckers head off. I ate the rest no problem, he was deep fried so he taste like nothing. Alex and Lihao couldnt let me have one up on them so they looked for the next bug cart and found silkworms. Too bad for them because apparently they are really gross, exploding in your mouth when you bite down. I then found a cart selling scorpions, 3 on a stick, so me alex and Lihao could each eat one. I bite the whole thing off and was surprised by how good it tasted, like a chicken nugget. Everyone was shocked that i was so "Whatever" aout it, but i had a mission to eat bugs and i did!! The pics are fun and you all should see them.

Well, only 2 more days here. Not much more we are going to do but i think i will blog one more time. Hope to see you all soon!!

Posted by Neato24 09:07

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I looked for you at the USA basketball game, but didn't see you. I'm going to try and watch the volleyball online and look for you two. Wow, we are soooo happy you are having this experience. Dad says thank you for eating the scorpions. One less one to bite him! Love you and look forward to hearing from you. Check you email.

by offermom

Taste like chicken, huh?

by rsoto2

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