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Vacation from our vacation

in Shanghai

As Hillary said earlier on in our trip, we needed to take a vacation from our vacation, and today was the day. We woke up, ate a quick breakfast, and somewhat unsuccessfully find the massage parlor where we made reservation. Afetr a sweaty walk we made it, we were lead into a dim room, each of us separated by a curtain. We get to put on fun silk pajamas and we get an hour long chinese massage!! OH MY GOD, it felt so good. The lady litterally massaged everything from my back, to my toes, to the top dent on my head. Amazing. Feeling very refreshed we found the nearest restaurant and had a tasty lunch. I believe that pork dumplings pretty much my favorite food right now, i cant get enough of them. Then we were off to the waer park!

After a subway ride and a taxi we arrive to Dino Beach, a prehistoric themed water park. Its pretty fitting since im in the middle of reading Jurassic Park right now, lol. This place was so fun, i think we all felt like kids again. We rented some tubes and hit the wave pool (which wasnt the worlds largest by the way but still pretty cool). Then we tried out the water slides but i think our favorite thing of the day was the lazy river, which actually had a cave attraction you float by and a part of the river that has huge waves from the wave pool, crazy cool.

We stayed there for about 7 hours, hopped back on a taxi, grabbed some McDonalds and came back to the Hostel, a great fun day. Im chilling out now in the lounge, watching the Olympics. Venesula was getting ROCKED by the Chinese volleyball team but i cant be sure since i cant read the score or the words on the TV. I really enjoy hanging out in the common area, so cozy, i wish i had more people to talk to though. Maybe i should stop typing and go mingle :P Next time i write i will be back in Beijing (unless i post some pics tonight) Until then, peace~~!!!

Posted by Neato24 06:55

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Why in the world would you eat McDonalds in China?

by rsoto2

I was watching a special on the Olympics about the food in Bejing, have you tried the fried Silkworms, Scorpions, and Lizards yet?????

by Laiblemom

I'm in Havasu w/your mom and she wants to know when you're coming back home, and your dad wants you to send him an email.

by rsoto2

"Vacation from your Vacation" is an amazing concept. I'm not sure *I* would choose Shanghai, but it's certainly a contrast to where you have been, and it sounds like "everything works" there... no goats and chickens wandering in and out... etc... and I think that you eat McDonalds (once in a while) because it's predictable, cheap, and relaxing... like "down time". I took the kids to do this once or twice in France.

We got the idea from Rick Steeves. Rick deals mostly with Europe, but he's got the idea...

"Punctuate a long trip with rest periods. Constant sightseeing is grueling. Schedule a peaceful period every two weeks. If your trip is a long one, schedule a "vacation from your vacation" in the middle of it. Most people need several days in a place where they couldn't see a museum or take a tour even if they wanted to. A stop in the mountains or on an island, in a friendly rural town, or at the home of a relative is a great way to revitalize your tourist spirit."

Best wishes for the duration. Can't wait to hear about your experiences at the Olympics. We caught the US coverage of the opening ceremonies last night. Top quality and amazing!

I emailed Hillary that you all ought to offer to just "be the crew" for Tom Jennings at the baseball game (since China air and PBS can't get their act together) if he could work something out to get you all access and equipment. I'll bet you all could put together a quality product - as you all have shown you can do in your production classes. The timing probably won't work out, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. Good fantasy anyway.

Hmm... now I want to go find a wave pool.

by daddydodah

Dee, I'm sooo glad to read all your posting. I'm here in Havi and miss you. Hopefully you will be able to come out with your Dad and I. Will you still be staying with Lihao will you go back to Beijing? I watched the opening ceremony, it was amazing! Today before going out on the water, I was watching the women volleyball, women handball and swimming. Love you and can't wait to hear from you again. I really need to know when you are coming home and your flight information. Please email with it and also email your dad. He really wants to here from you.

by offermom

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