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IM somewhat alive up here in the Southwest Mountains. The last 3 days have been crazy. We left Lijiang and took a van to the begining of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is this crazy 2-3 day hike to the summits that over look the gorge. We set off, but i wasnt feeling too good. The hike was super steep and hard that about 2 hours in i caved and paid a local Na'xi man 80 RMB for a ride to the top on his donkey. From then on out the hike was awesome!! Was very scary cuz the path was rocky and narrow and there was a sheer cliff the whole time. But i didnt care and rode that donley with ease ;). After we got to the top the path was mostly flat so i walked again. It was so beautiful and sureal, i was in awe. Here are some pics of the place i DIDNT take:

I will have pics to back this up soon. After hiking for 9 hours with our backpacks and rain coming down, we finally made it to the halfway house Inn. We got some awesome rooms and took it easy for the rest of the night. We finished the hiike the next day no problem. We took a car back to the start of the hike and it was the scariest car ride ever. A 2000ft drop on one side with narrow rodes and no wall, i was ready to bail oput pof the car if we fell.

Made it back to town and took another van to the town of Shangra-la. The elevation is super high up here and the weather getting colder. Lihao and i washed our clothes in buckets at the guest house and hung them todry. It was the most rugged hostel yet, but it was fun and we got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean inthe lounge.

This morning we took a 7 hour van ride to this remote Tibetan town high in the mountains. Its the last stop before actually getting to tibet, so since we couldnt go we thought this would be the next best thing. It is very rural but i like it!. There are goats and chickens at the hostel. One chicken is even sleeping right outside our room right now. I hopefully can post pics soon but i dont know about this computer. I was shocked they have internet here since they use solar pannels for electricity. I hope everyone is doing well. Mom, i cant ready your email on this computer for some reason i will try to respond to it soon though. We will be back in Kunming again on the 5th so i will be in better contact then. Til then!!

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Wow, what an adventure Dee! I hope you're feeling better and please be careful!

by rsoto2

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! My heart was in my throat as I read your blog. It sounds awesome, but scary. Please be careful and I hope you are feeling better. I can't wait until you get in Kunming. I'm glad Lihao is with you guys. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you again.

by offermom

Dad just read your blog while he is at work. He wanted to tell you that he is very excited for you and ok with everything.

by offermom

DEEEEEEEEEEEEEE where are u, riding donkey's in China on the edge of cliffs, how daring you are. Be extra careful on your advangers. Look forward in reading more about your trip. We are going on a trip to Utah, to visit Trish's grandkids. We are leaving this Tuesday, 8/5/05, I will catch up with your mail when we return on the 12th. Glad your seeing so much of the world, LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

by Papaturtle

Deeee, your crazy. If you kept playing volleyball, you would have made it walking all the way. WIMP!! Ahhh, just kidding. I just took the kids riding bikes at Bonita. All that room and Allie crashed into a pole!! Shes wild. As I type this now, Allie is SCREAMING. She is pissed. She refuses to brush her hair after he shower. Stubborn!! You'll be happy to know, she is NOT cheering. Gymnastics is her passion. Her instructor wants her on her demonstration team for the city of La Verne. She is soooooo strong!!! Well, have fun!! Any beer up there?

by watchinu

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